Size Doesn’t Matter In Boracay

This was my 2nd visit to this wonderful place. Actually, my original plan was that this would be my first solo travel!haha But my friends, that plan of mine did not lift off, why? Because I thought of telling a friend of mine that I had booked a flight to Boracay, and it happened that the flight would be a week before her birthday, so she said she wants to join me. And so, my first solo travel plan have became my first travel with only one companion. Of course, it was still an amazing experience!

This trip was very special for me, not just because I had a bff during the trip but because of different realizations before, during and after my visit in Boracay.

From the time I booked this flight (which was three months before), my first thought was to make my best effort to lose weight in order to have a sexier bod when I go to Boracay. (Yes I’m a big girl, but not that big, ok?!haha) Feeling pressured, I had an impulse to enroll for a one-year membership in a fitness gym near my work place. Unfortunately, my very busy work scheduleprevents me from maximizing that membership, even now… 😦

Another thing was that I kept this trip a secret to my workmates and some friends. Why? Simply because I’m scared. Who wouldn’t be, when I thought I would hear mean jokes like “You’re so fat to go to Boracay” or “Lose some weight” and a lot more. That, my friends, is because of the pressure we see in social networking sites about keeping fit and all all of that…of course, this made me feel insecure.

As time went by, my initial excitement morphed into a struggle. I felt sad every time I went to the mall to shop for clothes that would fit well and at the same time would be budget-friendly (I’m not rich), because I had a hard time finding the best outfit that would suit my budget.

And then, a week before my trip, I read a blog about plus size women sisters, and I read a phrase that struck me and made me “wake up”…haha. The blog says: “Embrace your figure!” That phrase says it all – it’s like a message from God saying that I don’t need to feel insecure. I am unique in a very special way. We are unique, there’s no need to be insecure. If you’re confident with yourself, then no harsh words can ruin your day. We go to the beach not because we want to wear swimsuits or to be sexy, but because we want to enjoy the sun, the sea, the sky and appreciate the beauty of nature. We are just regular folks having some time off from our daily work routines to relax and not to be pressured.

It was a great relief that I realize these things before going to Boracay. And so on our way there, I told my friend that we will just enjoy and do things that we want to do (of course, just clean fun…haha). True enough, I was able to enjoy this amazing place. I was able to enjoy myself, my body and everything that was in me. Through God’s message, I realized how important it is to love yourself.

I regret for not bringing my camera with me.
Parasailing is the best adventure in Boracay. I regret for not bringing my camera up there..
Travelling is not complete without delicious food.
Travelling is not complete without delicious food.
Cute picture with the angels.. 🙂
Enjoying everything under the sun..
Enjoying everything under the sun..

Of course those lessons were not left behind in Boracay! I was able to take them back to Manila. Aside from the beautiful sceneries and adventures, I also learned lessons on this trip which I find very special.

Finally, I realized that loving yourself means taking care of yourself. I am on the process of motivating myself to exercise not because I want a sexy body but because this is a way of taking care of myself. With the correct mindset, attitude and prayers I know I can do it (we can do it girl)! It’s not easy but I know I’m getting there in God’s grace.